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And Then We Kiss

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hmmmm rainy day [01 Oct 2006|06:03pm]
well i havent written in here for so damn long! hahaha.

today is pretty crappy, its fucking pouring outside. ewww gross mud and dirt. my day has been so good, i woke up early went to the stoney's and i did turbo jam with letti. damn girl has some stamina, this shit is fucking intense. best workout video ever, highly recommend it. then i played and danced with the baby, she was giggling up a storm, what a fucking little cutie. < mila 3

then i continued my day by smoking out of a hooka, omg wicked intense. kicks me in the ass. tears my lungs up and the funniest song came on....(my love by jsutin timberlake) and in the chorus there is this high pitched words and kristin started singing it and omg we pee'd for like an hour about it and she now has it as my ringtone, hahaha. we went to bickford's afterwards and oh man, so high and i couldnt even order my food just agreed to everything the guy said to me. haha and the people behind us heard us singing and us dancing and complimented us :bows and says thanx:

i left my alcoho in kirstins car, goddamn it. wtf. so angry now.....BACARDI KNOWS HOW TO START THE PARTY!!!!!!


♥ johnny
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FUCK YOU! [26 Feb 2006|03:36pm]
this place is trash.
this place is one big whole, sucking me in farther and farther.
may i ask why?
cus im lettin it.
fuck that, im leavin this place.
im beating this place.
so why aren't i sticking around?
that's a very good question to ask!

i dream of a place, far away in the tropics. where the sun sets so beautifully. where the animals are free and roaming and animals have to be cautious of each other. where live is really lively, where no one dares to go. but guess who is going to do that.....common im sure you have a clue. that's right baby....ME! I need to be alone in this place, i need to be at one with myself. i need a whole new life, a new personality, a new sexuality, a new way of thinking and a lot fo new things. in basic terminology...SIMPLICITY! a place where i can be who i want to be without being constantly critized. a place where i might actually be accepted. no human contact. it'd be like heaven to me. i hate what society has done to me, what i've let it make me bomce. a horrible not loving person. a person with a cold heart and a person who deserves not to be with anyone or have any friends. im a miserable C-U-N-T!
this place i dream is so amazing. i wish i could describe the details to you, you guys would be so jealous and amazed. maybe even possibilty of you wanting to go. the color are so vivacious and bright. the air is free of anything but pure oxygen. the trees are browner and greener than they have ever been, the ocean has never been bluer. the grass has never been so well-ly kept, the animals have never been more prone to their own habitat. the fruit grows rapidly and very ripe....mmmmmMmmmm i can almost taste the pure banana's and coconuts.
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[26 Feb 2006|03:34pm]
One Flight Down
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[13 Jan 2006|05:56pm]
can someone just say "die please"?
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My First Blunt Wrapping! [09 Dec 2005|12:13pm]
[ mood | high ]


Last Nite I had wrapped my first blunt, i had gotten a strawberry flavored blunt from russell's. The taste was mighty good but it kinda smelt like dirty diarhea. The blunt was friggin huge, it actually come out pretty friggin good. I was amazed with myself, i guess i must start wrapping blunts/joints when im fucked up from now on because they come out amazing when i am but shitty when im not. here is a picture of the blunt for all you out there who weren't there to experince the haze niggas!
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Place: K Kizzle's Placschizzle
what: Freshly Rolled Blunt
who: KK, Karl, Kristin, Letti and Me
When: December 8, 2005

A Nite I Won't Forget!!!!!!

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[03 Dec 2005|02:01am]
im sorry but im not over you! i want you to come back please.
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haha [30 Nov 2005|03:25am]
well i have tons to write but none for anyone to read. fuck that.
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Such an Odd Day! [29 Nov 2005|12:52am]
i woke up on tim e today on time. i worked at john f kennedy middle school and didnt stay very long because the fucking people putting the benches together fucking were missing pieces and just decided to block the walls we had to do. So yea did that went back to the shop and i made some custom pads, got 3 of them done pretty quick. I went home and talked to mikizzle, what a cute ass, then i pretty much passed out til like 8:50 pm and i woke abruptly and in the worst fucking mood ever. i hate when that shit happens. KK and jonny came over and well jonny is still here and we;re watching Sin Cioty and im about to go to bed so i'm going to peace out.....Latas niggies!

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[28 Nov 2005|05:05am]
[ mood | aggravated ]

Artist: Britney Spears
Song: And Then We Kiss (Junkie XL Remix)
Album: B In The Mix: The Remixes

Lying alone
Touching my skin
I'm falling under
A girl like me
And I can't hold it in
It makes me wonder

Is this for real?
It's not what it seems
You're like an angel
I'm running now
My feet off the ground

Take me
Touch me
Won't you hold me close?

And then we kiss
Your love comes alive on my lips
I feel a rush
Coming over me, over me
And when we touch
This moment when everything's still
I close my eyes
And then we kiss

The feel of your hand
As it touches my hair
It makes me tremble
Don't wanna let go
Of the feelings we share
So baby, go slow

Our hearts beating fast
And my body cries
I want it to last
It's burning inside
We're getting deeper


You're drifting
The sun comes up
You're fading
You seem so far
I don't know
If I'm awake
Open my eyes
And then ww
We kiss...


And then we kiss
And then we kiss
And when we touch
This moment when everything's still
I close my eyes
And then we kiss

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[28 Nov 2005|04:41am]
I Don't Fit In...I Will Never Fit In
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